Kalyani have undertaken following activities for the social upliftment during the year of April 2008-March 09 through its projects: -

Consumer Awareness Programme

Kalyani started a rural project in the villeges of Kotputali Block of Jaipur district (Rajasthan). Consumer training was given to people in 90 villages. Over 32,300 people have received Consumer Education through 750 talks and demonstrations in the one years of the project, 54 training programmes were organised and 2574 potential activists have been given special training in Consumer Activision. Three local Consumer groups have been setup in different areas by the Consumers themselves, and these are now actively organising exhibitions, holding talks and redressing complaints. more are expected to come up soon. The subject taught are the Consumer Moment, Rights & Responsibilities of Consumers, the Consumer in the Market Place, Food Adulteration, Weights and Measures, the Environment, etc. This topics included under existing subjects like Civics, Economics and Home science, are project-based and more practical in nature then theoretical or examination-oriented.

Training for Capacity Building/Skill Up gradation

Training is an important tool of implementing of various activities. Problem with many of the people in rural and urban areas is lack of skill development, which is a serious barrier in their employment or under employment. Skill development includes capacity building of people in quality, design, marketing etc. kalyani organizes training programmes for self employment and wage employment as both sectors require skill upgradation. During the year 18 training programmes have been carried out successfully in different trades and activities in Greater Noida.

Income Generation Activities

Income generation activities are carried out by formation of self-help groups where groups of females are formed for self employment activities. During the year four women self help groups have started income generation with the assistance of Greater Noida Industrial development Authority, where each participating women engaged in hand embroidery activity is getting annual income of about Rs. 12,000 per year in Kasna village of greater Noida of Gautam Budh Nagar. Kalyani has established marketing linkages and these groups have broken the linkages of middlemen, exploiting them b providing less income. 

De-Addiction Program

Drug Addiction and alcoholism is increasing in the rural society causing serious health and economic problems to the people. Drugs and alcohol items are easily available in the small towns, which is matter of serious concern as people use their hard earnings money by depriving the basic family needs.

Kalyani is well aware of the consequential impacts on the people and for de-addiction village level camps are organized to educate the people with disadvantages. During the year 38 awareness camps have been organized where women members have been encouraged to get themselves united to fight against the evil practice adopted by male members.    


Kalyani have undertaken following activities for the social upliftment during the year of April 2009-March 10 through its projects: -

Integrated training Development program

With help of CAPART organigation has started one year integrated training development program in kotputli block of Rajasthan. In this training program society has trained 120 beneficiaries in Dari making and Beauty culture programs from different villages of kotputli block. The special women group as targeted beneficiaries have been selected on the basis of the need of womenfolk who are:-
i  Economically dependent
ii  Socially and culturally backward and deprived from their basic rights
iii Exploited by menfolk due to their drinking liquor habits and non-working attitude, which compels their females to go out for meager and inadequate earnings for their individual families.The need for helping these beneficiaries has also arisen due to the fact that after passing the schools villages students generally confused about their future, they don’t have knowledge and direction about what they have to do after schooling. In this specific computer training program NGO has plan to conduct some personality development and English speaking courses simultaneously. During the section of beneficiaries a special care has been take for the choices and preferences of these women to select their liking and participation in which will ultimately help in implementation of the project and maintenance of their families.

Computer Literacy Program

Kalyani is running a Computer Training Program With co-operation of Greater Noida Development Authority, Greater Noida. In this six months Training Program about 120 students school and college students of Tugalpur and Tilpata villages has been trained for the year. This course has been running since 2001. Simultaneously a personality Development program is also conducting. So these students can compete their respective fields. The objective of this training program is to provide technical knowledge to the girls and women of these villages and to guide them to develop their personality.

Family Planning Camp

Kalyani has organised family planning camp for urban slum women. The purpose of this camp was to educate women as to how important it is to have a small family. It is not only important to plan one’s limited family income. But it is crucial for having a healthy living., Few lady doctors were invited to give lecture on the subject. They were also told about the various means of contraception. Doctors also tried to solve their apprehension related to family planning methods and their side effects. The overall impact of the camp was positive as several women got registered for cooper-T and family planning operation.

Participation in IITF-SARAS

Kalyani has participated in International trade fair IITF-SARAS held in pragati maidan New Delhi, where society exhibit its products prepare by its artisans form  different projects. It was ten days fair, where different countries participated with their product and services from all over world. Society get very good response from clients. Who appreciated societies efforts in the field of woman and child welfare.