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    Trade Fair 2011, Delhi
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    Traning at Noida Office
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    Upcoming Events

Building Feminist Movements (BFEMO)

The BFEMO Team is in the final stages of our participatory assessment of the global impact of the Dutch Government's MDG3 Fund. AWID shared highlights from our aggregate assessment at a recent meeting in the Netherlands that will bring MDG3 grantees together with the grantees from the Fund's successor: 

Young Feminist Activism (YFA)

The YFA program has been increasing its engagement with its members through various interactive activities hosted on the Young Feminist Wire. In August, the YFA launched 'Guests on the Wire', a peer-to-peer learning model dedicated to young women sharing their experiences and skills with each other.

Women's Rights Information(WRI) 

The Women's Rights Information(WRI) team continues to source and disseminate a wide range of information from news, and analysisto job announcementsnew resourcesevents and appeals and urgent actions.

The AWID International Forum 

AWID recently launched a Call for Proposals for Innovation Seed Grants to all participants of the 2012 AWID Forum. Dating back to the 2002 Guadalajara AWID Forum, these USD $5,000 seed grants aim to support Forum participants to turn creative ideas, Forum learnings and connections into action. 

Influencing Development Actors and Practice for Women's Rights (IDeA)

In collaboration with theSociety for International Development (SID) AWID launched the Development Journal 55.3 on Gender and Economic Justice in New York during September

Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs)

AWID's WHRD team continues supporting WHRDs at risk. In the last few months, WHRD disseminated urgent action appeals and solidarity messages, in English, Spanish and French